cheap, but not as cheap as your girlfriend (names0fthedead) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
cheap, but not as cheap as your girlfriend

thirteen and a half months of malformed, tangled joy!

I'll admit this straight up: I am lazy when it comes to my dreads. I don't do anything really. I rounded the tips once, crocheted on my boyfriend's cut dreads once and that, apart from seperating them, is pretty much it. Root rubbing makes my head hurt and arms tired, I try to crochet in loose hairs but get bored after doing one or two so I give up, and palmrolling? What's that? Something that happens to other people.

Also, when starting my dreads I didn't really pay attention to the shapes of the sections I was creating. Most of them were kind of long rectangles. Hmm, I wonder how that turned out...

Anyway, yesterday I actually sat down and sewed in as much of my loose hair as I could. It's by no means a perfect job, I am convinced the only kind of person capable of perfection on the back of their own head must be some kind of evil genius with other superpowers as well.

Now the loose hair is cleaned up it is suddenly immediately obvious how misshapen and lumpy my dreads are.

Onward to pictures!

clearer views lurk behind the cut

Back of head! Side of head!

upside-down sort of

The nape of my neck is always full of loose fine wispy hair which refuses to dread. Also, looking at this angle, you can see how flat my dreads are. About half of them are like this.

individual flatties, close up

Same dread, turned through 90 degrees

this guy is my favourite. I like how weirdly shaped and lumpy he is. Why is it 'he'? I don't know.

and because I have a face too.

I don't want any of the flat ones or bumps fixed. I like how they have character and individuality due to being left to do their own thing.
Enjoy what's left of your weekend, lovely people!
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