freefallinnnn (freefallinnnn) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


can i just tell you, how AMAZING my dreads are coming along?!?!?!
i wish i could post pictures, but i'm getting ready to leave, so i'll put them up later ;)
but ah! my right side of my head and the back are locking up SO well! my left side isn't as good, but it's comin along. like, they kind of section themselves, i just need to rip em away from other ones. but it seems like the ones on my left are sectioning a LOT skinnier then the one's on the right? idk, i'll post pictures and show you guys after. either way, i love them :)
i'm definitely staying natural :)

have you guys ever sectioned your dreads off with beads? or should i just leave em alone and keep rippin them apart. (probably the better choice, but i made some in ceramics and i wanna put them in so bad!)

love GUDU, it's like my second home.
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