Daniella (moonstealstar) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

11 month Birthday

I'm dumb and felt the need to take a picture with the Harry Potter glasses I found at a farmers market.
For comparison...this ^^^ is now....and 
This was from around 6 ish months. I never notice how much my hair grows but I've noticed now that they finally stopped strinking and has started to grow. And for some reason it always looks like my dreads are a lot fatter in pictures than they feel to me. *shrugs*

It's off topic but I had a horrible experience at work today, it just amazed me at how inconsiderate people are at restraunts. I work as a cook/barista at a vegaterian/vegan restraunt and today we were in the middle of a lunch rush when an Asian kid says something to my coworker. I didn't think anything of it until he goes over to the bathroom and comes out with a look of sheer disgust on his face. Someone had gone into our bathroom and pissed all over the floor, trashcan and toilet. I ended up being the one to clean it up (for some reason my coworker were wanting to put it off until closing which would've been dumb, just thinking of how bad it would've smelt) it was much worse than just a little piss, I'll say that. I just can't believe what some people will do in a public place and just keep it to themselves. >.>
Anyway! Happy mother's day to all you dreadie mom's out there! 
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