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baby dreads

'ello! :]

it's really weird/cool being the dread expert around here. most of the people i know who do have dreads, are misinformed, or have used/still use wax. so i want to thank this community for being totally awesome! i try to teach people about keeping dreads clean and not putting anything nasty in them. i have had at least 6 friends ask me to help them start/maintenance their dreads.

these are the second set i have done.

yesterday i finished backcombing dreads for a friend, Monica.
i had started them last Sunday, but only got 12 done, as we had limited time. i didn't get a chance to count them when we finished, but i know she has at least 50.

Before: (you can't really tell, but she has weird layers on the top)

The first 12:


her boyfriend is very pleased :]

on Saturday my friend Jeff and i went to Peak's Island, and hung out on the beach for a while

we found a really sweet tree and hung out in it for hours

and a terrible picture of me, but i like everything else about it

PS my dreads will be 7 months in a couple weeks

and even though my dreads were started with wax (we only used it that first time), i absolutely love my dreads and i can't imagine not having them. sometimes i can faintly smell the wax when i shower, so i know there is still crap in there. i've done a couple deep cleans, but i think i need to take some time and give them mad love. i palmroll maybe every other time i shower. i love them, and i'm not getting rid of them for a long time. <3

i'm really a huge fan of the wallpaper in my kitchen

right side

left side

that is all. Have a lovely day, all! :]
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