stuffsh (stuffsh) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

An update and a question

My dreads are about 6 weeks old now :) Still fuzzy and messy and awesome :)

They don't seem to have shrunk much at all... but I'm sure they're doing something :)

One of them has decided to be a different colour from the rest... No idea why!

I'm happy with my tongue finally after it's third split! :D
Almost forgot to add in my "natural" dread (I basically just wanted to see what would happen if I left a bit of hair alone....

and now for the question...

I'm going away travelling in two weeks and am having to leave my awesome cat behind :( I've looked in the memories but haven't seen anything about attaching cat fur.... She's got short black hair and doesn't exactly lend itself to dreading easily... but I have managed to make this by palm rolling...

It's pretty solid which is making me think it's not exactly going to be easily to join it to any of my dreads.. Any tips? Is it likely to stay in if I do try to use it as an extension?

Would I be better off just poking her fur into the end of one of my dreads rather than trying to extend it somehow? Especially seeing as my dreads are only 6 weeks...

Any ideas?
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