goatsfoot (goatsfoot) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Using human hair

Hi, I hope this is on topic. What do y'all think about the ethics of buying human hair to extend your dreadlocks (as some here like to do)? I've been hearing some really DODGY things about the sourcing from majority world countries - such as Russian female prisoners forcibly shaved, or Hindu women praying for their house not to be repossessed who have their hair shaved as an spiritual offering/sacrifice - only for it to end up sold to wealthy Westerners. Dead people's hair taken, with or without the family's consent. Or simply women and girls (children = most desirable hair) who are paid a pittance for their long hair by dealers in places like India, Russia and South East Asia.

Are there reputable ethical sources? Is it fair to buy human hair from an unknown source? Is it vegan? If it is consensual, is it always okay, or if poverty is a factor, is this a problem? What about people in first world countries who sell their hair? I don't know! Personally it's looking a bit shady to me from the little bit I know so far.

(I've gone the cheap route and have bought a lot of bargain basement alpaca fleece to make extensions, but it turns out the staple is only 5cm - hope it's long enough to felt into stable dreads. EEK! Will post pics later!)
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