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cheap, but not as cheap as your girlfriend

mixing your own henna = love

I posted here last year about the disgusting build-up that I got from henna mixed with cocoa butter. I intended to mix my own next time I dyed, however me being me and lazy, it's taken me 6 months to get round to it. Before I hennaed I bleached some stripes on the ends of a few of my dreads, in an attempt to make them look a bit like bees.

bound with acrylic yarn very tightly to mask off the bits I wanted to leave untouched by bleach


stripes after bleach

For the henna I used 300g of body art quality powdered henna and a tablespoon of paprika. I mixed this with 200ml of lemon juice, 6 tablespoons of red wine vinegar and then enough water to make the henna into a thick paste. I wrapped up the bowl in clingfilm and left it in the airing cupboard overnight for the dye to release. The next morning I put it on my hair, wrapped my head in plastic and left it on for two and a half hours.
It was a mess to rinse off, but way, way easier than the cocoa butter block stuff. The colour is better too, a really intense red. I'm very happy with how it came out and will definitely continue to do my henna myself using this method.
My dreads do feel a bit crunchy after the bleach then henna, so I am considering conditioning them for the first time sometime soon.

BEFORE: behold my regrowth :( the roots a completely different colour to most of the length. Also bleachy stripes are obvious.

AFTER: quite the halo of frizz, but a nice colour.

yeah, that is definitely a nice colour :D

like bees! well, kind of. I am pleased with how the henna over bleach went.

I likes bees. The end (for now)
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