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New here, but have been wanting dreads for a long time now. I've always had short hair and was putting it off for one reason or another. My hair's gotten fairly long now so I'm excited. My anticipation for the day I finally do this is building like crazy. Mostly people keep telling me not to do it and that it'll "ruin my hair" and other comments like that \; It's kind of putting me down but I'm not too concerned with everyone's approval, so I'm gonna go through with it soon.

I looove long dreads, hence me growing my hair out haha I know it'll still grow after but the hair length shortens after dreading it right/by about how much? I'm just having worries about starting out and the beginning stages, etc, but I know it'll be worth it and I'll end up loving it. I've read through memories and checked out before/after posts and everyone here seems great {: So idk, kind of just a saying hi post and hoping for some encouragement haha and here's a photo of me to go along with this mess of a post

hope everyone has a good summer ahead of them!
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