freefallinnnn (freefallinnnn) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

dye question

so, as some of you may know, i recently dyed my hair bright bright red, which i absolutely love. but thinking about it, i think i made a mistake :(

summer is basically here already. we've had like, 5 gorgeous days in a row. and me, i'm an outdoorsie kinda chick. so i'm gonna be outside "playing" (haha) and swimming and such.

i know the dye is gonna fade, which i don't really care about, but here's my question.

is there anyway i can make it fade faster? i've never used dyes with damaging chemicals, so i don't want to bleach my hair or use color stripper or anything. cause once it fades enough, i was just gonna dye light brown over it, since my hair is dirty blonde/ borderline light brown anyway, and i figured my natural color would take on once that fades away.

could i just wash it a lot? would it be bad to wash my dreads a lot? i don't wanna f them up.

*btw* correct me if this is in the memories, because i didn't see it.

here's me with my natural hair color:

and my hair currently:

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