★☆★SkaBadger☆★☆ (skabadger) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Help needed!!!

i hope someone can help me/understand what im going on about [and understand my shitty diagram].......
well ive had my dreads about 2 years and ive pretty much done them myself but what i really need is someone to "look down on them" to assess what needs doing and hopefully a friend is going to do it soon,,,

like number 1 i have a few of these, like the black dots are where the dreads are and '1' is where 2 dreads from quite different places of the head are joined so it really should be 2 dreads......
so with the blue one, i did this with one of those joined ones yesterday, i cut it to make two dreads so '2' is now a short little dread and the top of '3' has gone thinner......
i just dont want my dreads to totally mess up just cos theyre not separated properly on the scalp :(
with my crappy little dreads i have i was thinking maybe to attach some fake dreads to them until they grow longer ? but i dont have any fake dreads and dont know how to put them in!!
my hairs really stressing me i really want them to be better. i live in the south of england,,anyone know where i could get some good dread maintenance done where im not going to get charged a fortune?!
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