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sup guys

hey everyone =] been a whiiiile. had some time, so i decided to share some of my personalities with you. i apologize for the photo dump... i don't post often!

warm enough for a dress! i'm sure i cleaned that mirror right after.... >.>

my brother bought me a ring for my birthday, but it was too thick for my finger... so onto a dread it went. =] my only decorated dreadie. i also like to use it as a weapon.

my lil pincher man, holdin' it tight

this guy likes to throw his hands up and partay!!~!

lil side steppin' (and, you know, i can't help but think that bottom part looks like a turd.)

evidence of shrinkage from 2-3 years ago... is it obvious i don't palmroll? :o)

Sir Scratchy... always willing to scratch my back, even through my clothes.

i have a couple boxes of red/auburn dye to color my hair with... been a long time since i've colored my hair. i used to go burgundy for the longest.

hehe fluffy head! look at that length... they started out chin length. 4 years in 3 months, hollaaa


this lil ringlet says, "NO! i will be free!"

aand that is all! thanks for looking =)

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