long days and pleasant nights (sunshinemuffin) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
long days and pleasant nights

some of my hair and a new tat! woot

so i got a new tattoo yesterday and i wanted to share, and of course some pics of my hair. im hopefully redying my roots tonight. im just nervous doing it for the first time myself and also unsure if i have enough bleach. we'll see though. my hair is i think 3 1/2 years old. woot woot.

for some reason so many of my pics look pixelated, but this was after i had just gotten makeup done at sephora. i ended up not buying a lot of the stuff she used, but i did buy some amazing eyeshadow and other stuff (mostly from urban decay)

fork, literally in the road.

the lovely artist chad dean from south county tattoo in great barrington mass working on my tattoo

the finished product! i'm following the lovely ms. lishd's healing instructions and it is coming along nicely. im in love with it.

hope you all are having a good day!!!
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