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newbie dreadhead looking for guidance

Hi! I just got my dreads Tuesday and I have some questions/concerns about them, so I thought I'd come here and ask you all.

I have 2 different kind of dreads in my hair (whyyyyyyyyyy? I had a girl at a salon do them - at one point I had 3 people working on them!) The ones at the back underneath are all backcombed hard and got really poofy and frizzy; the ones on the top and the front are all thin, really more twisted than dreaded. I've been palmrolling the crap out of them but they don't seem to be dreading up much.

Part of the problem may be the wax; I used dreadheadhq wax to start them off and have used dreadheadhq dread butta in all of them, but the twisty ones just don't seem to want to lock up at all. I would like to hear your suggestions about how to make the twisty ones lock up.

I'm also concerned about the fact that the ones in the back are different from the ones in the front; should I not worry about it? Someone told me that "maybe" the back ones would knot up smooth and look like the ones in the front, but that "maybe" has me worried. I don't want huge frizzy dreads; I want thinner, smoother dreads (the kind that you can get away with when you're a teacher). What do you all suggest?

I've seen all the people on this comm who are saying wax is bad, not to use it, etc; is it safe enough for me to go ahead and wash my dreads with dread soap to get the wax out? I have a bar of Knotty Boy dread shampoo, which I picked up today, and also a thing of KB's locking gel, because someone told me it works better than DH's locking accelerator. I guess I'm just confused because it seems like there's such a variety of things, there's 100 different websites and they all say something different. So any suggestions would be REALLY appreciated.

Those are the underside dreads, and you can see how they are big and fat - I don't WANT big and frizzy though, so I'm worried about these.

Here's the finished product, you can see how the ones on top are different, thin and smooth. I WANT my dreads to be thin and smooth like this, but these ones are more twisted and aren't locking up properly.

Hellllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!! :D
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