she walked through the door and i knew it was over (evilpinkbear) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
she walked through the door and i knew it was over

Mail Journal (crossposted)

Does anyone want to participate in a traveling journal? (a la
I'm hoping to start one myself so I can keep the journal, instead of having to send it away to someone else, like other ones.
How many people would be interested in doing this?
You would have to pay for postage to the next person, but the book won't be too heavy so it shouldn't be very much.
If you want to do this, just reply with your email, and then I'll send out a group email when I get a bunch of people interested.

(note: as of 11.30 pm tonight there are about 3 spots left, after those three are filled (i will say on my personal journal) I will close admission to the traveling journal list until further notice.)
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