Holls (hollzilla) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

My dreads are nearly three months old now... and I'm having insane growth. No joke. They're growing faster than they used to grow.

Here's a picture of 'em when they were a few days old. The length is obvious in them.

Around chin-length in the front, right? Three months ago. Maybe an inch of natural colour in them, all dyed black.
Now? Collar-bone length in the front, even longer in the back. I love how I really can see my natural colour show through in them.

Webcam picture:

And a picture of 'em taken with my DSLR.

The growth is really obvious in that picture.

I'm so happy. I'm in love with my dreads. :D And I really dig the color combo, too. It's funky.

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