Kirsty (hello_kirsty) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dreads in Darwin!

Hey all,
I used to have dreads when I lived in Adelaide, South Australia, but combed them out (conforming to society, frustration, etc, we've all been there at some stage). I had a few friends help me do them that first time. Now I'm in a position where I'd like to have them done again, but I now live in Darwin, NT, and have lived here for A WHOLE WEEK so I don't know anyone!

Do anyone know anywhere around me that I can get my dreads done? Or are any of you guys up for the challenge? I really only need help doing the back. Alternatively, Adelaidians? Anyone out there?

I'm very excited but yeah, not knowing anyone in this city is making more than one aspect of my life just a little difficult!

PS - You all have such lovely dreads.
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