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Just another update.

Well, I completely forgot to make an lj-cut and erased everything and forgot the whole thing, blegh.

I have a dreadstory again!
Last week I was at the plaza (main square) with one of my friends. We were taking some pictures of old people dancing danzón (they gather every Thursday and it's a cute sight). A couple of minutes later I overheard some ladies saying how 'pretty' some girl was and I instantly thought about my bf Mariana because she's always looking so cute with her elegant outfits then the ladies were right behind me and asked me very enthusiastic "May I touch your dreads?" and I said yes, and they started to ask if they were real and they told me I was very pretty and well, I felt very happy but I was very surprised to hear that from old ladies! They were so cute. Ana, one of my friends told me that one of our friends actually hate my dreads but I don't care too much because I feel happy with them, I've never felt so satisfied with myself, dreads had helped me with my self-steem :)

Well, I'll try to remember. I had a nice day today with my friends and my dirty dreads.

Me looking old.

Well I had a great time today so I hope you did too! :)

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