amandaveggie (amandaveggie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Sorry no can do

okay, so i've got a problem on my hands involving dreads and I am seeking for advice.

since about January or so I've been planning to dread my hair now...(in May after school got out).
My sister was going to do it.
I thought everything was going to happen.
I asked her the other day if she'd do it...and she told me no.

"ooookay? why?"
she then told me that she liked my hair too much.

That was a huge surprise to me because she is a dread head herself.
I seriously doubt that my pretty brush-able hair is the reason for her objection. Could she be afraid of not being the only one?
I dunno.
Can i have some advice of what to do/say?
I would do it myself but that wouldnt go too well. Im pretty bummed that she would stomp my plans like that.

Thanks :)
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