Typhoid Groovy, Esq. (antithesister) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Typhoid Groovy, Esq.

Kinda timeline.

Aloha! I'm currently almost 8 months into my third (and hopefully final) set of dreadlocks. I've posted pictures on here a couple of times, but now I decided to attempt a kind-of timeline. Please excuse superfluous webcam pictures, or code mess-ups. Computer illiterate.

This is my first set, when I was about 17. It's hella blurry, but its the only picture I've been able to find from this time. firstgenblur This is two years ago, maybe six months into my second set. Note, it's in top hawk formation, so the dreads are only on top. pinksecondgen I started to let my hair grow out under the dreads; this is somewhere around nine or ten months into the second set. gettingscraggy I started looking a little crusty, and making even more horrible faces anytime there was a camera near by. Seemed fitting. crustysecondgen And so, during a 5 AM personality crisis, I cut them all in half and started to undread. undreading I left my hair undreaded for about seven months, to let it grow and relax. nodreads About a week before Halloween 2008, I started to redread. This is wasteland Meagan, Halloween. firstweek Couldn't find a picture closer to October, so here is February 2009. Approx. four months old and barely visible. thirdgenFeb I then moved to Vancouver. This is April, six months in. I am indeed tied up in electrical tape, and angry. thirdgenapril I bleached them out in late April, and then got haggard drunk and sprayed with shampoo during an unfortunate bathroom brawl. The shower curtain is still recovering. blonde And this is me today, almost eight months in, and fading pink. last!

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