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After two sessions, one more gruelling than the previous, i stepped out onto the street, breathed in some nice cold air, and felt so me!
i got them done
and i love them to bits!
all these people man!, im not used to people talking to me, usually they just sort of stay away or assume i would rather dice them into little pieces and make them into a necklace than talk to them! *i never understood people much* and there i was with all these people and they were all commenting on how nice they looked and congratulating Alicia(the girl who did them for me, you'll see her in one of the pics i'll post) on a job well done :)
im glad i did them now that my hair is quite long and stuff, i dont think short ones would look good on me at all.
did a few sections on wednesday(7thJan), that took three and a half hours
and then made a date for friday(9thJan), and that took a hefty eight or so hours (we started at about two and finished the last one at ten!!) thank god for the plentiful beer and music Mike provided! (we did them in his room at his house :) poor thing had hair all over the place! heehee!)
the ones on the top look pretty bad to me, so i keep them under a scarf thing..i need to find out how to work on the roots and stuff to make them tighten up
what i need now is shampoo..really hope i can find some on this blasted island and not have to get it off of the internet!

thats Tabitha! :)

and so is this! :)

thats alicia over there on the right after having finished the first row on Wednesday...she didnt realise how much hair i actually posess on this head of mine at that point!

two layers! onions have layers! ogres are like onions!!

uno layer wiz ze skarfff

!~YAY~! full head of lovelies!!! :D *hugs them*

OoOoOooo ?o_0?

Mesa has dreads and mesa gonna love em! so there!

god i have far too many pictures here dont i?

the back of my head

ooh what's over there?


EEk! Martian beads taking over!! actually i was cleaning my room and found these beads i had saved from an old broken abacus when i was little.. :s harhar!

They are waving...not drowning...

phew thats all..gah...
*bows to the audience*
*scuttles off*
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