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NIN and Jane's Addiction in Detroit last night

I kind of ended up becoming a "dread spotting ninja" at the concert. I only saw 1 other female with dreads, and only 2 with really nice synth. And of course, no pictures of them... The crowds were thick and fast moving!

Oh man, this next guy made my day! (besides, of course, the concert and getting free pavilion seats from someone who left early)
I ran up to him and I was like "I have to take a picture! I love your dreads!" And he started jumping up and down going "me too! I love them!" Very fun

As you see in this one, he totally stood out from the crowd! Can you spot dread waldo?

And I know this one is hard to see. He kept running around. This guy did a triceratops type dread bun thing on top of his head. I couldn't get his attention for a proper picture... Seriously, this guy was nuts. And fun!

And yea, I know, no pictures of me... My 18 dreadies are 3 weeks old last friday! This week they will be finished and I will post again.
But seriously, 1 girl with dreads besides myself. I was a bit surprised!
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