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Mold + Dreads = AHHH!

Hey, my dreads are 3 weeks old tomorrow and doing really well for their age as far as I can tell. I used sea salt on my dreads when they were brand new and it was great, so I figured after my shower yesterday that they could use another dose of salt. Anyway, after maybe 5-6 sprays of the saltwater, I look at the spray bottle and there's mold growing in it!!! Little dark spots of mold had colonized my spray bottle. I FREAKED out and washed my hair a second time right away, and rinsed the hell out of it. I sprayed a bunch of the stuff from the bottle into my hand, and nothing visible was coming out in the water (no mold that I could see).

Anyway, I know that just having damp dreads for too long can cause mold to grow - so I figured spraying your head with it can't help!!! I dried my hair really really well afterward, and haven't waxed in 2 days in case there's any moisture trapped in there. Plus no wax or anything else in my hair = no mold 'food'......

Anyway, if you have experience with dreads and mold - i.e. any ideas of things I can do to keep my dreads fungus-free - I'd love to hear from you. I know you can use a bleach solution on your dreads, but that's for when your hair already has mold in it - plus I'd hate to lose my natural dark brown colour...but I'd do that if I have to. Are there any signs I should watch out for or anything? Is smell the first thing you notice if there's mold somewhere in there?
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