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2004: This is my first set of dreads. An old homie made them with loads of wax and glue :| I combed them all out: they were very itchy. I decided to let my hair repair, so i could dread my hair again.

2005: My friend Dieuwertje seveneleven_ had told me she loves to make dreadlocks. So she visited me to dread my second set; a dreadhawk. Made with permanentfluid. (?)

But after half a year i got bored of them. And i decided to cut off most of my dreads. I really wanted my head full of dreads, not just a dreadhawk.

I left four dreads. I really like this haircut. (L) But after all i cutted all of them and let my hair grow.

Weird party pic. Drunk and high. But this picture is taken a week before i got dreaded for the third time!

June 2008

And again i went to my friend Dieuwertje seveneleven_ so she could make my third set. This time without permanentfluid. We were sitting, smoking, chilling and dreading in the park. But then we were witnisses of a huge fight. I was so shocked i wanted to go home. So my hair wasn't finished yet.

July 2008
Although my hair was one big mess i knew you have to be very patient to get dreadlocks.

August 2008

At the end of July and the beginning of August i went backpacking in Czech Republic on my own. I swam a lot and i didn't took any maintaince. Before i knew my hair was one big mess again. All the dreads felt out.

My ex boyfriend (still best friend) and i at a hardcore festival Fluff fest in Rokycany, Czech Republic.

My mom picked me up in Czech and we went to a very small village for a week. She took this charming picture of me. I didn't wash hair for a month!

Septembre 2008

But i really wanted dreadlocks and i knew i didn't start well! But hey! Always look on the bright side. I was patient and i really liked my messy hair. I went to my dreadlockfriend clandestien and she worked in total 10 hours on my hair. She used a viltneedle. And finally there was a real dreadlock result. &mleen made the last seven dreads.

Octobre 2008

My best friend went to Spain for the winter, so we gave an awesome drunk dressed up goodbye party.

My best friend (Marit the Chaotik) and i - hooray for tequila.

Novembre 2008

They fattened up very well. So three people worked on my dreadlocks. Every side of my head is developing otherwise.

I'm very happy with how they turned out! I lovee themmm already!

Decembre 2008

And then the shrinkage began! Woeeeee

My awesome little christmas treeee

My friends and i

January 2009

February 2009

It is awesome how to see how they develop. The left side is shrinking much harder than the right side.

Good times

March 2009

April 2009

They're fattening up!


In April i went to Rome with a history class. I'm studying to become a teacher for the primary/elimentary school. You could see a whole post about the trip here on GUDU:

Dreadlocks in the streets of Rome

Dreadlocks in the Colosseum

May 2009

At the 30th i was born! I became 21 years old!

Weird face!

June 2009

I posted this pictures last week:

Be prepared, because behind this cut you will see an huge one-year timeline.
&Apologize for the crappy English!
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