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colored dreads vs. natural

i'm torn.
i recently (within the past two weeks) bleached and dyed a few of my dreads with manic panic dyes. i've got some magenta (new rose) tips, a few completely magenta, a few turquoise, one green, a few lilac ones that came out weird and greyish. people really like the colors, but i'm not sure i do. they seem too gaudy for me. i'm more... low-key. today i bought black feria dye. i told my sister and mom i was dying my hair black and they got mad. that was the last response i'd expected. i didn't realize the colors were so well-liked. my mom made sure i didn't hide the dreads under a hat last weekend when presidential candidate john edwards came and gave a speech at our house party. i was really surprised she was so enthusiastic about her daughter not only having dreadlocks but having multi colored dreads.

so.. everyone likes them but me. i don't know if i should just wait and let the colors grow on me or what.

so. help me decide?

i apologize in advance if the pictures don't come out well. windows me has wrecked havoc on my computer and now it's stuck in 16 bit color. if the pictures should be fine, but if they're not.. i'm sorry.


(i'm fighting with a lantern in the window to get sunlight)

..and me. being scary.

feedback much appreciated.
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