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1) how do all of you deal with dandruff?

i've always had a pretty dry scalp... it was never a big problem as long as i wash my hair every day. but if i go for more than 2 days, it starts to build up. obviously, i can't wash it every day with 3-week-old [i can't believe it's been that long!!] dreads.

so does anyone have some advice? i've just been kind of dealing with it... but in all honesty... it does get pretty gross, and it itches like hell.

2) also, how important is it to blow-dry dreads after washing them?

i've never had much patience with hair styling things... hence my desire for dreads... and i do have a blow dryer, but i can't seem to make myself stand there for that long... or, does anyone have any tricks on getting them dry fast? faster? helping in any way?

thanks everyone <3
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