Finding beauty in the dissonance (shft2357) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Finding beauty in the dissonance

Hey everyone, first post here. Just came across the community when I got bored and was screwing around. I have all of one picture of my dreads but it is really crappy quality and at night. Never mind the fact that I am turned away from the camera and my hair blends in with the background. I'll get one of my friends to take some pictures tomorrow.

Personally I used Dreadhead products. Didn't use the locking accelerator, didn't really need it. Lost the dread band awhile ago so I use mostly bandanas and elastics.

Dreads range from 9"-12" all over. I can tie all of them back and when I do my friend's decided I look like Eddy from Tekken 3, I don't know if I beleive them or not. Been thinking about dying them a very dark subtle red, but I gotta check with my job first. I had some beads but took them out because I hit myself one too many times in the eyes with them. Hairstyle before was just a big ole fro all through high school.

But yeah, tomorrow I'll post some before and after pics. I'm proud of em and I love em more then any other hairstyle, they definitely earn me some looks. Everyone else's I have seen on this community are looking great.
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