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I've only posted once before... randomly comment... but I am so addicted to this community, that it's ridiculous.  September will be three years for my locks... I can't imagine life without them.  They help me to hold my head so high!
The hairs sectioned and ready to dread...

 I used bands and wax in the beginning... my hair hated me for the first year!  It soon got over it... but not before it decided to screw me like I screwed it.... It shrunk worse than I could have ever imagined..
It was really hard that first year.... I just kept telling myself that it would get better, and it eventually did!

My first Halloween I went as the prom queen.... those were some knappy, waxy, yucky things hanging from my head...

Halloween number 2 I went as adult Raggedy Ann... the pigtails were so much shorter... but so much healthier!

Number 3 I was going for Medusa... wrapping 70 something dreads with floral wire is not fun... doesn't look like you might think... and is impossible to remove while drunk... which leads to a very sore head the morning after from sleeping on wire...  I don't suggest trying this...

Pretty I know... I always loved hair dye days...

I rocked the hawk to a wedding... that was the only time I've done it... maybe I should try it again...

Months ago all of a sudden people right and left were chopping dreads for bangs.... I thought they looked so cute.... so I went for some too.  I loved them for let's say 2 months... they have now become my worst enemy.  I just wanna pull the hair up and go, but no I gotta fix the bangs... dreads in the wind -no problem... bangs -problem.  I am growing them out...

I've lost 70lbs over the last 6 months... making it possible for me to fit in this fabulous dress that I wore to an 80's prom... Prom rocked!

The pigtails are starting to get long again...

They're so big!

I got such a head rush doing this, it took forever before it snapped the pic!

I was trying to explain that I just don't understand what their barking means.... I don't think they understood me either....

That's all

Increase the Peace
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