The Dreamer (blackpurplewolf) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
The Dreamer

I'm a little newbie, short and stout~

Hey guys! New person here. I've been lurking this community for almost a month now and I've enjoyed every minute of it. The memories were mega fun to go through (Don't ask me why I found it fun but I did) and everybody's hair looks awesome.

I started on my dread journey a week ago but I've already had a mega fun ride.

Because I love my dad and its always fun to see him smile, I agreed to let him take me to a friend of his to start them off. She put twists in my hair. They looked nice on me and everything but they weren't really fun to the touch for they were really greasy. And from reading a lot of sites and memories, I learned residuey stuff= no good. So I was worried about that.

So after a week, I decided to wash my hair. I tried the apple cider rinse and it seemed pretty effective (to my novice eyes, mind you). Buuut... I think I could've waited a little longer to wash because a majority of them came apart. Oddly enough, I loved the way it looked. It was deliciously messy and seeing that each little piece was different made me warm and fuzzy inside. But alas, I have a job and I don't think my managers want me soming to work looking like I just rolled out of bed.

so my mom came over yesterday and twisted my hair and put rubber bands on the ends of them. I like the look but I really wish I could've kept the messy do. I guess it'll get fuzzy soon again, right?

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