9th Life (monstermommie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
9th Life

So hello there!

Prepare for someone who is most likely doing it all wrong!  Lol.  Sorry.. but I just had to join because this place seems awesome and just what I need!  My name is Angela and I decided to try some dreads.  Only thing is my hair was short... and uhm... I have OCD about my appearance and the frizzyness drives me nuts.. I had extensions I did myself for my wedding 3 years ago, loved it.  Thats them in my defult photo.  So when my husband said dreaded blondes were hot, I was like.. sweet!  I can do it!  (I thought he thought dreads were not hot...eh)  So I backcombed then added rubber bands later... which I see might be a bad idea... Uh pictures and more under the cut if I do it right, if not I'll edit it and try agian!
They are all over the place because I slept with them clipped up last night and just took them down now... though they do stick up more then I want... Especially the realy short ones underneath, ugh.  I did this about... a week and a half ago.  I think.  I didnt want the front to mix up with the back. Hence the rubber bands..EDIT- which will come out tonight.  They feel good.. just don't look it!  Sooo.. uhm, yeah! 
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