kaseyj :) (__liesfuelfires) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
kaseyj :)

bye bye!

So after 10 months I combed out all my little dreadies. It took 10 hrs of my mom and mercilessly ripping the comb through them.

The biggest reason is probably that I feel like a totally different person than I was when I started them at the beginning of my senior yr of highschool. I feel like I have really grown up and learned a LOT about myself in the past 10 months, and these dreads are just not who I am right now. I did love them a heck of a lot though, and I'm almost certain I will have dreads again in the future.

Also, I never really took very good care of them, so they were a little gross :/ But with my next set (if there happen to be one) I will take what I have learned with these and not make the same mistakes again!

We didn't have any conditioner (?) so I let them soak in baby oil for a while before we started combing. (EVERYTHING GOT DISGUSTINGLY SLIMEY! :()


Immediately after:

(hair disgustingly oily from bbyoil.)

My hair ballz:

Mine's on the right, Moms's on the left. Clearly I worked harder!

After a well needed shower:

I really just want to say thank you so much to everyone who ever commented on my posts with encouraging words, and thank you in general to everyone for just being so welcoming and awesome. I certainly would not have lasted as long as I did without GUDU! <3
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