dreadieworld (dreadieworld) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Cut mah Dreads....

Here's the aftermath...... poor little dreadies not on my head:


Here's what they looked like before:

and what they look like now:

and a couple sleeves I made that I think are pretty fun.....  

I was miserable the past couple weeks because the temps here have been about 100 degrees, and it's been so incredibly hot and humid.
We've been going to the lake almost everyday to try and cool off since we are trying to do without turning on the air conditioner.  My hair was just wet and sticky all the time from so much swimming, sweating, and from the humidity.  I decided to give it a chop because i thought i'd stay cooler, and it would dry faster and easier.  I feel like since the haircut I've been air-conditioned..... it's so nice and refreshing.... so much cooler!


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