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10 months :)

I don't post very often usually because I really do hate photos... But lately my dreads have gone on little journeys - cutting, dying and growing enough to start wearing in new styles! To accompany the text, I have a few photos to share!

WARNING - pics may be a little big, sorrrrry!!!

In february, my fringe was boob-length, and got in the way a heck of a lot..

So I decided to chop a bit of it, which I've only just gotten used to 5 months on :D I've got a few photos but none are very flattering, so onwards to ones from the music festival we camped at for the weekend!

This one really shows how long they've gotten + the fringe length. (please excuse the redness, I'd smoked and drank a little too much in the 30°C heat!)

And before the festival started, I did a little bleaching on the lower back dreads, this is how it turned out! Not a great pic, when I do my one year timeline I'll put some better ones up!

And that is all .. until September ;)
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