Drummerboy (liquordrums) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Memorial Day Weekend

Because most of my friends are as on the ball as I am, here are some of the other pics from the Memorial Day campout:

Most of these are lacking any real high res quality, but whatever...

The back of my head is in the bottom right corner.

The top view. Yes the tabard was most likely your grandma's couch...

Side view, showing off my physique earned through a serious love of beer and bacon. I love that mug, too. It holds an entire bottle of wine.

Good times. Oddly, this was the most common view of me that weekend.

Finally, this one's got no dreads, but it has the only way anyone's discovered that I'll eat a Peep. The ball of fire on the end of the roasting stick is a Peep that had been dipped in Jameson and set to flambe over a campfire. So wrong, yet so, so right...
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