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Om nom nom.

See? a tiny little stripe, haha

The baby sister and like to eat our hands still. ^_^

So most of them are coming up on a year. I dunno. Messy as hell. I've got this weird conglomerate of four dreads that banded together at the roots to form a wavey claw monster. I got one that has a tiny assed dread sticken out of it near the middle.
Lots of loops and love. Hah.
 Landed a job where they dont care (professionally) what/how(!?) you have your hair 'did' as, so I've been looking into dyeing some orange or red. I bleached a couple (lightly) for shits an'giggles. They came out orange-y(I didnt leave the bleach on for long on purpose- it's been years since I mussed with bleachy shit..) I was amused. I love um.
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