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Hi (again)

Hi everyone, I've posted this thing before, but my picture didn't show (I blame Imagestation) So I'll just post this again :) Hopefully the link will work this time :P

Hi everyone *waves* I haven't posted a picture of my dreads yet.......mostly because I don't have pictures of them (it's a shame, I know :(  ) But I remembered that a couple of months ago, I've put my head on the scanner (just like a girl in here did, a few posts ago) because we don't have a digital camera :)

For those of you who want to see it, 

I can't remember how old they were in there, but I do know that they were less than a year :) They look much better now (except the tips :(  ) 'cus they've tightened up A LOT since then......

As soon as our scanner works again, I'll just put my head on it and show you all a recent 'scan' of my dreadies  ^__^

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