nice nothings (euphonicaphemia) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
nice nothings

Two week old babies <3

I finally caved and dreaded my hair after contemplating for three years about doing it. I'm so so glad that I did. I started them by backcombing and using a tiny crochet hook, and I'm so happy with the result, even this far. The only concern I have is with shrinkage, but even still, I figure I'll still have decent length even if they initially shrink a bunch. I have fifty one babies! What do you think?


and this was my day one - the big braid has since become more locks:

Sorry about the poor quality, it's hard to take good pictures of dark hair.

Add me, I'm spinbird , I just made a booboo and posted from my ancient high school account. I'm really stoked on this new journey of sorts <3
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