Zero (malfunctionzero) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Steel Wool

I did a quick google search and found nothing. I have a friend who said last year she had someone do her dreads. I've heard of the wool-rubbing method, but she said he used steel wool on her hair. He grabbed sections of hair and rubbed steel wool into it until it knotted up. She said they were very thin and tight and looked great right off the bat. She no longer has them so I can't judge whether or not I like the result. Does anyone know anybody who's done this or at least heard of it? I asked her if she ended up with tons of pieces of steel wool in her hair and she said if she did then it all came out when she finally washed her hair.

What's your opinion? If no one has any reasons why it's a bad idea then I might use this method.
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