crunchysarah (crunchysarah) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Some pics and a question

My dread babies are 10days old ish (some are older, a couple that I ripped in apart and redid are younger).  I've read through all the memories on crocheting, clockwise rubbing, felting, maintence, but you know, being a noob I worry and need some reassurance that if I leave them alone, they will dread up okay.  Some of them are doing pretty nicely, others are a bit loose at the ends, and some are still pretty poof-ball like.  I have a hard time palm rolling some of them because they are short, so I worry about them.  On the other hand, palm rolling seems to loosen my ends up - anyone else experience that?  Anyway - pics (taken today on my birthday - I'm now 30!).  Don't mind my dirty children.


I am actually really liking the way the ends kinda curl up, but worry about them being too loose, or loosening as it grows.  I'm thinking if they loosen too much I'll do a bit of rip and twist to maintain them.  My hair is pretty slippery, so this is an adventure.

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