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What's goin on!

Hello GUDU! I've been meaning to take a few pictures to show you guys. I've also been wanting to wait a bit so that there was something worth showing, but eh...better now than never, right?

I've only been at this a little over 2 months now. Quick progress is fun progress.

For reference, here's what my hair looked like the day after I started!

Here's a top shot of my hair. Yaaay for the fuzzies.

Here's a blurry picture that shows a little bit of the weird colors my hair has. I didn't even know that I had different tones going on. Apparently, the lemon juice spritz worked, hah! I haven't been using it lately, but what I was doing, was using it when I was getting ready to walk my dogs for a while. This Texas heatsun works wonders for sun bleaching. :3

Mmm, texture. This shot shows just how different all the textures are in my hair. The longest hair at the top of my head still looks twisted, while the lower ones at the nape of my neck, and about one to two more rows above that are looking and feeling more and more like locs.

Here's those rows I was talking about. I also call these my fat boys, because they are incredibly thick. They're also insanely soft. I have to try my best not to play with these.

Oooooh, texture shot!!

Explanation: some of the twists have come untwisted, leaving me with a basic coil. A lot of them are locked at the root as a pair, then split apart into two coils, and then combine again at the ends into twists. LoL! It really is fun. I'll try and take a better picture of those later. :3

The end!!
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