Leah (leahxvx) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

A sad, strange entry. :(

At 6 AM my former room mate Dan called me and told me that my cat Baron had been attacked by a stray dog. Baron's pelvis was broken as were his back legs. He was found in his own blood. The dog had been seen wandering the neighborhood days before.

Baron was having trouble breathing. We took him to the emergency vet at around 6:30, and after being examined the vet determined that he should be humanely euthanized.

We got to spend a few moments with him in the "comfy" room and we kissed him on the head and said our goodbyes. He had a tourniquet on his leg with a big heart on it. Under there was the IV. He was put to sleep in Dan and I's arms at around 7 AM this morning.

Needless to say, I am completely destroyed from this.
All I have left are little paw prints on a card and a baggie of his fur.

And on to the dread related..
I plan on dreading his fur into one of my locks. However, at the time, Baron was being treated for fleas and in the baggie of fur the vet gave me, there were two of them still crawling in it. I smooshed them with my fingers, but how long should I wait until I put this in my hair. The baggie is sealed. How long do you think until they will be completely dead as well as their eggs? I know to some this may sound gross and unsanitary, but my cat was part of me, a big part. And I'm going to do this either way. I'm also getting a tribute tattoo later tonight, a heart around two of the scratches that are now scars on my arm. I will also get his paw prints but I have to wait for a professional tattoo artist to do it, since the stamps are small.
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