Queen of the Damned Fools (myrrhdusa) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Queen of the Damned Fools

Dreading Michael's Hair.

I really liked to play in his long curly hair, but he kept asking for dreads, and I finally gave in. I did this over the course of two days- severe backcombing, spiral rolling with aloe gel, and then the Russian technique of pulling from the inside of the dread with a tiny crochet hook. The last step is still not really done on the top section of his hair, but I am done for tonight. The crochet part takes a long time, but definitely gets the dread off to a good firm start.


This pretty hair is now knotty!

Look how much length he had to give up!

These are the ones I got pretty good with the tiny crochet hook. It really does help.

In case there is any doubt about whether or not there was enough backcombing! (There was!)

"Look! I'm six inches taller!"

Done! (He looks toasted, I know. I'm the one that did all the work!)

From the back. I'm pretty pleased. :-D

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