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Warning: Photo Dump!

I haven't posted in a while but I accumulated a few fun pictures of my summer and my ever changing knots.

my lovely pale self, these first three are pre-vacation.

this shows the crazy things my ends do

annnnd, some pictures I found of myself on facebook from vacation : )
We went to our favorite place in the world, Cape Cod Massachusetts!

Put some color in my hair while we were there, not a very quality job, but it was fun

and in Provincetown!

THE WEATHER EFFING SUCKED.  Some of us went to the beach on the two nice days, but it was still pretty cloudy and not super warm.  The water was actually pretty cold, buuuut, I did manage to catch a picture with our blow up lizard, Lizzy!

and after Cape Cod my aunt, uncle, adorable cousin and my brother that just recently moved to Indiana came to visit

before we left the restaurant we got a picture of our guild.  This is the World of Warcraft guild <WELL TIMED MACE STUN BRO> of Shattered Hand, sans two members.

Gotem/Shamanuel, Tygranaria/Cyptomist/Macadamia, Morpheene/NRA, Séreméla/Britterbee, Chrizzi/Inwe
I love my nerdy family and friends!

and I will end with this old picture I found of me decorating cookies around christmas last year in my dread pig tails!

So August 4th of next month will be 1 year!  I always saw the one year posts and was just blown away and it always seemed like such an impossible milestone for me, so I think it's pretty cool that it's so close and I am hoping to put together a time line around then, because I adore time lines!

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