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Hello people :) a few recent pics..they're still growing!! i work in a healthfood shop and i get comments on my hair every day, usually from women, the other day a hair dresser wanted to touch them, i thought they'd be a hairdressers worst nightmare! i always get asked, "is that your real hair" and "how long have you had them?!" a relative yesterday didnt seem to grasp that they are permanent.."so how often do you take it out of the dreadlocks?" lol. kids are funny, often hear "mummy that lady has really long hair!"

most of these pics are from a local festival, Onionfest, set up in memory of a local girl Charlotte (who had cool dreads!) who sadly died in the asian tsunami. the festival raises money to send children in the affected areas to school.

red face! really hot doing litterpicking in the sunshsine. the weather had been shite and wet all week but the sun shone for onionfest!

random one of me eatin brekkie in my sisters lovely garden

me and my mate Ak

me colin and ak. it's ak's second set of dreads, he does absolutely nothing to them, its just how his hair goes. i have a dread from his 1st set sewn into my hair :D

me and will in the rave cave/dance tunnel. was lovin havin a couple of dreads out the front of my hairband with that cool clip :)

excuse the face haha me and drew, RAVE CAVE!!!!!

me, my boyfriend Colin, and my friend Sophie, she brushed her dreads out for a job :'( BOO!!!!!!!!!!

recently i have been doing the basket weave thing as i saw in one of chescaleigh 's videos :) love it! makes my hair look really good at the front :D will have to play around some more and take some pics. also been adding quite a few posts to my memories with cool styles i want to try! you're so inspiring gudu people!! also, in perevious posts of mine ive been slack at replying to comments but i always love the comments i get so thanks for anyone who has previously commented! and if anyone wants to be lj friends then add me cos i've got back into using it a lot more recently and would love some cool new lj friends :D nice to meet new ppl =)
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