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5 weeks old

Hello! Greetings from Michigan! This is my first time posting to GUDU and i'm very excited because I've been watching the community for awhile now.

My best friend and I got our dreads done together in a chaotic fit of glory. Now we're both helping each other out as newbies but thats where all you experienced young bucks come in! Here are my five week old dreadies. I love them so much!

and that's pretty much it. I backcombed about a month ago. A lot of them were flipped through their roots and when I felt that actually deterring from the knotting I flipped them back out. But the flipping has helped with the dreads by my glasses, which had to be backcombed twice since the first set just fell right out. I put a tiny bit of wax in a couple and that felt disgusting so that didnt last long. I have been fighting the deep gutteral urge to mess with them every single day. I know theyre fuzzy and some are lopsided but thats the way theyre supposed to be and I love them!

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