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Aloe Vera Gel

I have been using aloe vera juice on my hair after I wash for the past few months and i think it has helped my dreads tighten up a bit. I went into Corpus Christi today and i saw some aloe vera gel, so i thought i'd give it a try. it was a lot easier to apply, and not as messy, plus you don't waist as much of it. with the juice most of it falls on the floor or goes down the drain.

anyway, i got home and put about a cup of this stuff all over my hair including my scalp. nice and cold ;).......then i played some tony hawk pro skater for a few hours while waiting for it to dry.... blah blah blah.......two hours, my dreads are noticeably tighter, and there are less loose hairs......still quite a few but not as many.

i read somewhere that as the aloe dries, it pulls in loose i'm gonna continue to use this stuff cuz it seems to be working.

try it out if ya want and let me know if you think it's working for you.

p.s.- it smells a little funky when wet (not terribly funky), but the smell goes away as it dries.
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