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Hello! I know dread-newbie's asking questions all the time might get irritating for some of you, when all you want to see is pictures. But I have a question and am at my wit's end.

I had my dreadlocks done about three weeks ago, it was fairly half hearted and it needed more work ... however I went down south over new years and neglected them a little and for the past several weeks have been so busy so I have just kept my hair up.

The problem IS though - all my roots are just fucked up. Some of my dreads are dreading okay. The rest are really loose. And I'm willing to wait and stick with it all but what the HELL am I going to do about my roots? They need to be fixed before I can look after the actual dreads. I didn't use rubber bands or anything in the roots, so everything has just kind of matted together. I think with alot of work - maybe the matted mess can be sorted out but I'm just so frustrated and just feel like hacking my hair off.

I don't want to lose my length because my hair is down to my ass! And I know it can work, does anyone have any words of advice or recommendations or anything to help me out? Should I condition and start again? Should I just work at with a comb and put rubber bands in? I want to keep dreads forever ... so I really don't want to cut it all off.

Thankyou SO much.

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