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my lj name is not pick leg, its pickle g....

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i know alot of people have those days were they really wanna cut of their dreads. surprisingly i havent had many of those. i did aroudn the second month i had them, but after that i havent thought about it at all. something else iv noticed, if you start your dreads long enough to wear them up you tend to wear them up alot (which is cool dont get me wrong). im thinking maybe, in those peoples cases, because their draeds are always up they cant fully love them for them. mine arent nearly long enough to put up. so they are always everywhere, and flowing (well as flowing as 6 inch dreads can be lol) and i never wanna cut them off. just a thought... man im ramnbleing alot lol. sorry. ok what im getting at is my theory is if you always wear your draeds in the early months (iv had mine for 4) then you will have less likely hood of wanting to cut them off. though i could be wrong...
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