i_am_the_coral (i_am_the_coral) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

21 months and still chuffed

ayup. just a quick update...

I'm not totally sure how this picture ended up on the squiff but the expression seems fitting... hmm. tis quite a fine fuzz i have cultivated...  
now i'm undecided about the fuzz i've got going on... do i sit for ages getting it to go back in my dreads, which i've been doing up till now... or do i not bother and let it sort itself out...    at the moment i'm feeling a bit lazy. is this such a bad thing??
check it out in there! now its not that i'm not capable of sorting this fuzz out... i don't have the time and to be honest i don't like the look or feel of it being neat and tight on the roots.
just thought i'd share as i've noticed a few new dready people recently - a prime example of why YOU SHOULD NOT TWIST YOUR ROOTS!! the troublesome boyfriend twisted them when he made them and i managed to untwist some when i found gudu but this was my first dread which is now about 3 years old. by the time i found out it was too late and now i have an ugly kink in it. its more like a joint cz its not permanently kinked but when you pick it up the other half flops over. debated cutting it off but its my first one. if it breaks it breaks and i'll mourn it when it does!
a strange one to finish.
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