arthur (arthuradot) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

it's 4:32 AM it's time for perspectives.

hello out there. it's been a while, ya'll. lots of lovely new people coming here, which is great. feels like i was new here yesterday. i can't believe it's been since like jun 06. crazy. anyways, my hair is getting long. it's starting to get knotty if i let it. i'm pretty sure i wanna grow it out to a huge fro before i let it lock up. i'm kind of going for a macy grey drag look. will post pics when that happens.
oldie hanging out with a good friend. my first set before i wised up about bands. just shy of 3 months.

a friend whos locks are about 4 years i believe.

my lover and i. her hair is 2.5ish years at this point.

long ass hair from '05. this is where i plan to let it get tangly. woo.

tiiiime is on my side yes it is!
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