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Dreadie hats anyone?

so i've been crocheting these nice dreadie hats lately. my husband really wanted one and all the ones we found online and in stores were rediculously expensive. so i just taught myself to make them instead, and it turns out i'm pretty good at it. : ) so i didn't know if anyone would want to have me make one for them?

this is one with variegated yarn (alternating colors), and a thick band that is good to put your ears under for the wintertime:

this is one with two-toned yarn and is more like a standard tam:

same hat, different angle, silly husband:

the yarn i use is super fuzzy and soft and is acrylic, though i could do other types of yarn if anyone wanted. i could even do hemp i suppose. i'd do custom hats measured to your head size and dreadie length, and whatever color you'd want. i'd be open to trade, otherwise they'd be $10. if you'd be interested in one, comment or email me at :)

(moderator: if this isn't ok to post here, let me know and i'll delete it. i didn't see anything in the community info about anything like this, so my guess is that it'd be cool. apologies if it's not!)

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